The health and safety of our customers is at the heart of everything we do
The health and safety of our customers is at the heart of everything we do

Asbestos services

We have held a full asbestos licence for over 20 years and are able to offer a full range of asbestos services.

If you are concerned about any aspect of asbestos removal call us for a free quotation.


Should the asbestos be in poor condition or in the way of planned works we are able to offer a full scope of removal techniques.

Full enclosure, where the asbestos is removed in an air tight enclosure under negative pressure using air locks and bag locks. The asbestos is suppressed using proven surfactants and once removed, disposed of in asbestos waste bags that are sealed and double bagged. The enclosure is cleaned and then inspected by an independent UKAS laboratory, on completion of their works a four stage clearance for reoccupation certificate is issued.

Lower grades of asbestos materials can be removed using lower levels of control and don't have to be fully enclosed.


On many occasions the need for removal is not necessary, the asbestos can remain in situation and be made safe for general use.

This can involve painting with elastomeric paint or boxed in using timber or metal.



All our surveyors are P402 qualified and have many years of experience.


There are two types of survey, management survey and refurbishment & demolition survey:


Management survey  - Non intrusive survey. This will enable the client to compile an asbestos management plan as required by regulation 4 of the asbestos regulations 2012. We are able to compile a management plan if the client is unable to do this themselves.


Refurbishment & Demolition Survey - Fully intrusive survey carried out before demolition or major refurbishment of an existing building.

It is a much more in depth survey of the property, investigating the make up of the structure. These are generally carried out on unoccupied buildings.  All findings are entered into a report with the type, amount and condition of asbestos so that a removal plan can be priced and put together.


We are able to offer asbestos awareness training for up to 20 candidates per session, covering the dangers of asbestos, where to find it, how to keep safe and basic remedial processes. The courses can be tailored around the needs of the client, whatever  the size of your business. Course training guides and a certificate of attendance (valid for 1 year) are provided.


Trained staff will take samples of suspect material, which is then analysed at a UKAS Accredited laboratory.  If asbestos is present, our experienced staff are able to give advice and quote, where necessary, for any remedial works.

Collection and disposal

Some clients have asbestos that has been left on their site or has been removed by contractors without a carriers licence. We are able to attend site and ensure the asbestos is safe and then load it to our vehicles for disposal at an approved waste site. A waste disposal note is issued to verify where the asbestos has been disposed of.


We are able to offer a consultancy service to our client if they are unsure of the best way forward with any asbestos problems they may have, whether to leave in situ or remove. Not all asbestos has to be removed, there are many occasions where it can remain in situ.

Whatever the problem we are able to give sensible cost effective advice taking the pressure off our clients.  

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